New print-head assembly for OPUS200 dual nozzle 3D printer

※ New features

1. Nozzle switching mechanism

- From magnetic tilting (Existing)

- To nozzle lifting (New)

1) Improved mechanical parts durability for nozzle switching

2) Light weight & durable metal structure

3) Bowden type extruders (L, R 2 sets) are supplied as a standard,

and holder for the direct type extruder can be ordered as an option

※ The print quality is inversely proportional to the weight of the print head and gantry. (The heavier printhead or gantry, the lower the print quality.)

When the OPUS200 3D printer was developed, the physical properties of the PVA filament were not easy to print, so the Bowden-Direct hybrid extruder was designed and used for the first time, and it is designed to be able to change the extruder type easily.

However, as the physical properties of the current PVA filament have been improved, PVA is working well even without a direct extruder, (Please consider Panther origami, Venom head printing video. TPU also prints well) it is recommended to use the Bowden type as much as possible to keep better printing quality, and purchase a holder for direct extruder installation separately only when you need to print low-hardness flexible filament or PVA printability is not enough. (The above picture is with Orbiter extruder V2.0. If you want to use Orbiter extruder, you need to change the extruder steps/mm value to match the driver you are using.)

2. 3.81mm pluggable terminal block

1) Easy print-head installation

2) Easy & low cost maintenance

- Enough current capacity for safety ( < 8A )

- Easy wiring for short wires without the connectors

- Wide wire thickness compatibility

- Each parts can be changed independently

※ Color of the wires on Z-axis sensor and servo motor can vary as the manufacturer.